Are you interested in advancing your career?

Are you interested in advancing your career and being seen by top entertainment industry casting directors, producers, directors, and talent agents? I am now accepting one last client for my publicity and marketing service. I work with people in any area, and at any level in their career. I am an IMDb News Desk Partner in the company of a very small list of major media outlets such as Access Hollywood, MTV News, Variety, Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, and TV Guide. I will write an amazing article for you, and the article will be fed into the IMDb Pro News feed. If you are looking to increase your IMDb Star Meter, gain exposure to those top producers, directors, talent agents, and casting executives, I can help. If you are a producer who is looking for project funding, I can help. My service is available to all entertainment industry professionals.

The service includes the following:

• An article published that is linked directly into the IMDb Pro News Feed (I am an active IMDb Pro News Desk Partner). Every person, project, or company mentioned in the article is fed into the IMDb Pro news feed, and goes directly onto the corresponding page on IMDb Pro.
• A press release.
• A massive social media blast promoting you (and/or your project) to over 200,000 members of my entertainment industry related groups and pages.
• A personal shout-out for you to my Verified Facebook Page friends and followers, Verified Twitter Profile, Google+ Circles, and Linkedin Network.

If you are interested, the sign-up fee is only a one-time payment of $199. To take advantage of this offer today, please send your payment through Square Cash ( or Facebook Messenger. My email address to send your payment through Square Cash is and my Square Cash username is $AlanBaltes. Make sure to enter your email address in the "FOR" box when sending the $199 sign-up fee. I can also send a Square Cash $199 payment request to you if you give me your email address and/or cell phone number. Contact me at or message me at my Verified Facebook Profile ( if you would prefer a payment request with a link that you can use to sign up.

After you sign up, I will work with you to begin your promotions, write your article, and get you on your way to success!

Thank you in advance for signing up!


Alan Baltes

Now you can submit to top casting directors and talent agents free!

Are you serious about your acting career? Do you send postcards to casting directors to announce performances or to invite them to plays? Are you signed with a reputable talent agency? The majority of lead roles in films and starring roles on television shows are cast through talent agents. I can provide you with a completely free set of casting director and talent agent mailing labels, along with a free subscription to Backstage Daily. The labels have current addresses for casting directors and talent agencies, and are updated constantly. Backstage Daily lists casting calls, auditions information, and talent searches for feature films and television series, for all areas. If there is one good piece of advice I can give to actors, it is to take advantage of this opportunity. You can get the free mailing labels and free subscription exclusively by signing up with the following link -

Tip: If you are not located within the United States, leave the "State" drop-down box empty, do not choose a state.

Note: If you are not familiar with Backstage, you can read about it at the following Wikipedia link -